With the success of Strathcarron Brewery www.strathcarronbrewery.com forestry is now a part-time activity for me.  I am doing occasional logging work, although there is hardly any demand for horse logging in this area.   My forestry work is now mainly involvement in a great project restoring native woodland to a 157 hectare conifer plantation in Glenelg.

Meanwhile, as well as continuing carting hay and seaweed, harrowing and various other odds and ends, Oscar will now also soon be a dray horse for the brewery.




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  1. Duncan says:

    Hi Colin, maybe this is way out of date, but while researching horse logging equip for sale I see you have or are selling up… is any gear or sawmill still for sale. Thanks Duncan (Lochaber)

    • Hi Duncan, I’m afraid I’m not selling anything! I’m not doing so much forestry now but still doing occaisional jobs. Last week I was fencing and used the horse to take in fence posts to site and also to remove old rolls of fence wire. Week before we were shifting an oil tank to an awkward site where machinery couldn’t go. I’ve got a dray now and will be using it for the brewery soon, when its painted up. I hope you do well with horse logging in Lochaber – the main thing is finding sympathetic/interested landowners. Try British horse loggers website for 2nd hand stuff, or blue horse equine etc for new. Good luck. Colin.

      • Duncan says:

        Hi Colin
        Thanks for the reply, yep it pretty amazing the things we can use animals for with a little imagination. I spent much time in Alaska working with sled dogs and we have use then for freighting all manner of things when machinery isn’t available…
        I may be getting a job of removing some over mature, beautifully straight Doug Fir from a woodland that only has tracks the width of a JD Mule (side by side ATV). Its on a gentle down hill lay, would it be the sort of job I could contract you if it comes up? I would put the timber through a LT 50 and would like to mill lengths of 20 ft max. what weight/size of tree could the horse safely handle?

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